Type Year of construction Tubes Cabinet Remarks
PHILIPS B6X63A 1956 ECC85: FM Mixer
ECH81: AM Mixer, FM MF-Amplifier
EF89: MF-Amplifier
EF85: MF-Amplifier
EABC80: Detector and AF-amplifier
EL84: AF Outputstage
EL84: AF Outputstage
EM80: Tuning-indicator
EZ80: Rectifier
Wood This is the bigger brother of the B5X63A. This one is of the true bi-ampli kind and features seperate bass and treble amplification. A lot of Philips' radio's carried the bi-ampli sign without realy being worth it because of the absence of this seperate bass and treble amplification, in this case the bi-ampli sign was no more than a marketing trick to suggest better sound performance. The sound of this set is very good with a thick bass.