Type Year of construction Tubes Cabinet Remarks
PHILIPS B4X23A/74 1963 ECC85: FM HF-Amplifier and Mixer
ECH81: AM Mixer, FM MF-Amplifier
EF85: MF-Amplifier
EABC80: Detector and AF-amplifier
EL84: AF Outputstage
EM80: Tuning-indicator
EZ80: Rectifier
wood & plastic Dear visitors, my apologies, I forgot the suffix behind the typenumber of this one. "Well, that can't be such a big thing?" you might think. Well it is. Otto Tuil was so kind to give me notice. The thing is like this: There is a B4X23A without any further suffix, this one has a dial with an extra set of stations on the MG band mainly of SouthEast-European, North-African and Middle-Eastern origin, see Otto's B4X23A. The FM Band has a maximum tuning frequency of 104MHz.

My B4x23A/74 has a dial with the normal 'Plan de Copenhague' on MG and a FM Range of 108MHz. I Think that Philips released the B4X23A/74 somewhat later when the 104-108MHz FM Band got available for public broadcasting. Apparently the extra stations on the dial weren't that much appreciated as they have dissapeared on this dial. An other possibility is that the B4X23A was aimed for the European market in general and the B4X23A/74 might be a local variant. If you know more: Do not hesitate to mail me.