Type Year of construction Tubes Cabinet Remarks
PHILIPS B0X19U 1961 UCH81: AM Mixer, 
UBF80: MF-Amplifier  and Detector
UCL82: AF pre-amplifier 
and AF Outputstage 
UY89: Rectifier
plastic Gerard Tel wonders if his B0X15U was the cheapest Philips radio of 1961, well I think that this one wasn't expensive too. It features only MW reception and is equipped with 'U'-type tubes.  
Gerard Tel gave me his opinion on this electrical layout. He stated that Philips choose this design in order to keep the price of the radio low because an 'U'-tube kind of radio doesn't need a costly mains transformer. The radio can therefore be feeded with AC and DC mains although the latter already had dissappeared totally in 1961in the Netherlands. He thinks the amount of hum produced by this design isn't really any worse than the conventional 'E'-layout. Well, my experience is that when your Elco's start to get worse, the hum rapidly increases to a rather noisy level. This can be explained by the fact that most 'U' designs use only halfwave rectification. The risk of getting an severe electrical shock when servicing(because the chassis is connected directly to the mains-phase) can be avoided by using an extra service-transformer between the mains and the radio.