Type Year of construction Tubes Cabinet Remarks
PHILIPS 752A 1938 EF 8: HF-amplifier 
EK 2: Mixer 
EF 9: MF-Amplifier 
EAB 1: Detection, AVC voltage 
EF 6: AF-Pre  
EL 3: AF-Output  
EM 1: Tuning-indicator 
AZ 1: Rectifier 
Wood One example of the "Monoknop" (one knob for various functions) design. This design was very unpopular at the repairservice because of the complicated cord lay-out that served the monoknop in order to operate the radio. Also the poor quality of the insulation on many HT leads made this radiodesign also somewhat notorious for its unpredictable behaviour when the insulation started to detoriate. Apart from that it is a very nice looking and sounding specimen of the "golden age of AM receivers" during the thirties of the prevoius century.