Type Year of construction Tubes Cabinet Remarks
GRUNDIG 5010 1952 EF80: HF-Amplifier(FM)
EC92: FM-Frequency changer
EF85: MF-Amplifier(FM), HF-Amplifier(AM)
ECH81: AM-Frequency changer
EAF42: MF-Amplifier
EABC80: Detector and AF-amplifier
ECC40: AF-phase shifter
EL12 2x: AF Outputstage
EM34: Tuning-indicator
Wood My one and only Grundig radio. It's full name is the proud "AM FM-Luxus-Klaviertasten-Spitzensuper 5010". It is a deluxe superhet and incorporates FM and a balanced outputstage with two fat EL12's. The sound is, of course, superb.